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JALP: Japan Association of Legal Philosophy, since 1948
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Officials of JALP

From Nov. 2015 to the annual conference in 2017.
Names are in surname - given name order, as in Japanese usage.

KAMEMOTO Hiroshi, professor at Kyoto University
Members of the Executive Committee
ADACHI Hidehiko, professor at Kanazawa University
ASANO Yuki, professor at Doshisha University
DOI Takahiro, professor at Chukyo University
HAMA Shin'ichiro, professor at Doshisha University
HASEGAWA Ko, professor at Hokkaido University
HASHIMOTO Yuko, Professor at Ryukoku University
HATATE Toshihiko, Professor at Sapporo Medical University
HATTORI Takahiro, professor at Kyoto University
HIRANO Hitohiko, professor at Ritsumeikan University
ISHIMAE Yoshiyuki, professor at Meiji University (deceased)
ISHIYAMA Fumihiko, professor at Chuo University
MATSUO Yoh, professor at Kinki University
MORIGIWA Yasutomo, professor at Nagoya University
MORIMURA Susumu, professor at Hitotsubashi University
NAKAYAMA Ryuichi, professor at Osaka Univesity
NASU Kosuke, professor at Kyoto University
OHNO Tatsuji, professor at Housei University
OHYA Takehiro, professor at Keio University
SAKO Ichiro, professor at Kyushu University
SAKURAI Tetsu, professor at Kobe University
SEKI Yoshinori, professor at Shinshu University
SUEHISA Toshihiko, professor at Tohoku Gakuin University
SUMIYOSHI Masami, professor at Aoyama Gakuin University
TAKAHASHI Fumihiko, professor at Meiji Gakuin University
TAKAHASHI Hiroki, professor at Komazawa University
TAKIKAWA Hirohide, professor at Rikkyo University
TORISAWA Madoka, professor at Kanto Gakuin University
TSUNODA Takeshi, professor at Kansai University
USAMI Makoto, professor at Kyoto University
WAKAMATSU Yoshiki, professor at Gakushuin University
YAMADA Yachiko, professor at Chuo University
Ex-Presidents (Members of the Executive Committee)
INOUE Tatsuo, professor at the University of Tokyo
SASAKURA Hideo, professor at Waseda University
SHIMAZU Itaru, professor emeritus at Chiba University
TAKESHITA Ken, professor at Kansai University (retired by age)
NOZAKI Akiko, professor at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
SHIGEMATSU Hiroyuki, professor at the University of Kitakyushu


Prof. KAMEMOTO Hiroshi
President, Kyoto University
Prof. HAMA Shin'ichiro
Member of the Executive Committee, Doshisha University